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PC Productions: Copyright Notifications:

Last Updated: 10/14/02

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This copyright notice is to serve as clarification towards work done by Tsunami PC Productions for itself and to protect the rights of it's clients.

All original published and/or unpublished artwork, graphics, photographs, design templates, database solutions, web page coding, automated databases and text are copyrighted by Tsunami PC Productions.

Reproduction or distribution, including by electronic or any other means for the purpose of commercial advantage or financial gain of any of our web sites, graphics, or their content as defined by USA copyright laws as visual art or computer software, is strictly prohibited without written authorization by Tsunami PC Productions.

Any company or individual found to be reproducing or distributing copyrighted material for purposes of commercial profit or financial gain, as described in Title 17: Chapter 5 of the United States copyright laws, without written authorization by Tsunami PC Productions, shall be fully prosecuted and will be charged the full price of the copyrighted material, plus related statutory damages for our company or any of the clients it represents.

This includes: original photographs, graphics, text, automated databases, or anything related to a current published/unpublished online or offline work.

Permissions have been granted by the appropriate author for any non-original photographs, graphics, text, or automated databases used within any company or client web site related to Tsunami PC Productions.

Company and/or client logos, that include graphic content, have been copyrighted by the appropriate author(s) or client company's and cannot be reused at anytime without direct written authorization from said author.

Tsunami PC Productions reserves the right, unless otherwise written in a signed contract by a Tsunami PC Productions representative, to reproduce, reuse and re-distribute all copyrighted material(s).

You can find additional information regarding internet copyright laws at: http://www.loc.gov/copyright/title17/92chap5.html


1. You created a web site for my company. Do I have the right to make copies of it?

A: Yes you do. The web site is yours to do with as you please upon receiving final payment. What you cannot do is to copy your own website and sell copies of it without our permission.

Example: you have a car dealership website that PC Productions created for you. You could not copy the website and resell copies of it to other dealerships.

2. What if I change a few things in my design, like the company logo or name?

A: Regardless of what you change, you cannot copy one of our client web sites, even your own to resell. Even if you changed the company name displayed, or the color scheme, it is no different than buying a copy of the Mona Lisa and giving her a mustache and claiming it as your own to resell.

3. As a client, I want to be sure that my web site design and concept is original and noone else can use it. How am I protected?

A: Concept cannot be coyrighted, but the actual graphics and way they are laid and how they function can be. From day one that your site is published, PC Productions files a copyright form with the Federal government to avoid anyone copying your site or reusing original content.

4. If I discover that someone else has copied my web site design or graphics, what can be done?

A: Authorship would have to be first proven, as would you have to prove that someone has copied your site with intent to distribute for purposes of commercial or financial gain.

5. How is authorship proven?

A: Two ways: first, PC Productions retain copies of all draft files, photographs, related emails, and text used in the creation of your site. Each file is dated accordingly to when your site was first created and the files work as the equaivalent as a manuscript for a written book, proving authorship.

6. When is my site copyrighted?

A: From day one we submit copyright form with the federal government for each site we create. This process normally takes anywhere from 3-5 months for us to receive a copy of the copyrighted certificate from the government. Officially, even without the certification, your site is copyrighted the moment it is created, even before going live on the internet.

7. How do I get a copy of my copyright certificate for my website?

A: All certificates of copyright for sites created by PC Productions, are placed on file with your draft files at our main location for your protection. Copies of these certificates are free of charge upon request.

8. I am a little confused on one issue. If the website is mine, how can your company copyright it?

A: The website is yours to do with as you please. We simply copyright the actual site to protect you and ourselves from other companies copying your site and reselling it. it wouldnt be too great if everyone on the block had a website just like yours. It is like if you ask us to write you a book. The book is yours to keep, but we retain copyrights to the book in case we decide to reuse a portion of it, or a quote from it.

9. What can I copy legally from another person's site?

A: It is hard to say what you can, and cannot copy from another persons web site.

Example: say you see a picture you really like on someone's website and want to copy it and reuse it on your own. If the picture is in it's original content, unchanged, and freely distributed by a photograph site like Kodak's www.photodisc.com, then you can reuse it. If that picture has been altered and possibly contains a logo over top of it, or special frame, or maybe now contained in an original collage, then you cannot reuse it.

Automatically assume all content, graphics, or pictures you see on a site is copyrighted...even if you do not see a "Copyright. All rights reserved" text at the bottom of the web page. Your best bet is to email the owner of the site, to find out where he got it from then after determining the original author, get permission to reuse it.

10. I noticed that someone has copied some of my original graphics/text/pictures. What shoudl I do?

A: Contact them via email or regular mail and let them know that you are the author and you did not give permission, and be sure to request that they discontinue using the copyrighted matieral in question. Keep in mind that someone may of gotten that material from a totally differtn website or may not of known it is copyrighted. If they send you a response refusing to remove the material, then this proves intent and you should talk to a copyright attorney regarding this.

11. What can happen to that person if prosecuted?

A: Many things can happen, based upon the laws, proving intent, and the purpose of the person using this material. In some cases they will merely be asked by the courts to remove and destroy any copies of it, or in extreme situations they may be fined up to $150,000 for each occurence.

We hope that this helps clarify some of the issues for you regarding internet copyright laws and your rights.

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