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Business Solutions: Live Chat Services:

How do you increase your communications efficiency and productivity? How do you reduce your customer acquisition costs? How can you reduce your support costs and increase customer satisfaction? Get BizCHAT! You leverage the Internet and communicate in real time with your prospects and customers... Just as if they physically walked into your store or place of business.


How does BizCHAT make your small business more competitive?

Reduce abandoned shopping carts:
If a customer has a problem while checking out or finding a product... they will not buy. Live customer support is like a a life preserver for your customers. When a customer is in trouble... you are right there to assist them. Your customer's frustration is eliminated and you save the sale.

Explain your product for the customer's situation:
We all know that each individual may not understand exactly how your product or service can help them. That's why your web site is an effective but imperfect selling tool. By communicating live with your customers you can personalize the sales pitch to the customer's needs. A more targeted message increases your closure rate and shows your customer exactly how your business can help them.

Lower your cost of sale and maximize your selling time:
By utilizing BizCHAT your sales efforts are increased by the ability to pitch to your web site visitors. This equates to your sales people being more efficient and your business staying smart and aggressive -- which is a necessity in today's economy.



  • 100% Web Based - Everything is web browser based. Just open up a browser and start providing support! This allows you to work from computer to computer without needing to install a third-party software on each machine.
  • View visitor traffic in REAL-TIME - BizCHAT notifies you as new visitors enter your site. Monitor their traffic and be able to see how long a visitor remains on your site while knowing EXACTLY which page they are currently viewing. *pro
  • Text Chat - Visitors simply click a button on your website or e-mail messages to instantly join a text chat with your staff.
    Initiate Chat - As people view your website, pick and choose selected visitors for a chat session. With a simple click, you can open a chat window on their computer! Close a sale, lend a helping hand or inform them of special promotions. *pro
  • Push Pages - Assist visitors by PUSHING webpages on their computer. "PUSHING" refers to automatically opening webpages on visitor's computer. You can PUSH webpages, images, word docs, PDFs, and just about anything.
  • E-Mail Signature - Allow customers fast access to your personnel by adding BizChat buttons to your e-mail signatures.
  • Leave a Message - If operators are unavailable a form will popup requesting infomation from customers for return callback and or email.
  • Departments - Divide your personnel into categories allowing calls to be routed to the most appropriate person. Setup a Support, Sales and Tech Dept for fast deployment of services.
  • Customizable Chat Interface - What your customers see is important. That's why we fully customize the customer chat box with your own logo, color scheme and custom buttons to match your website.
  • Sound Request Alert - Operators are notified of incoming chat requests.
  • BizChat Call Routing - Calls are intelligently routed based on group, status & call volume allowing staff to be used as efficiently as possible.
  • Capture Visitor Data - Obtain metrics about your customers including IP address, current browser, operating system etc.
  • Canned Text Messages - Save time & ensure consistency by storing common messages for fast delivery to customers.
  • Canned HTML - Include HTML elements and formatting in your text chats.
  • Operator Transfer - Operators can transfer a customer to any other operator logged onto the system.
  • Chat Logs - Review the transcripts of any chat session that takes place on your site online 24 hours a day to check for consistency and quality control.
  • Advanced Stats and Metrics - View statistics information about both your customers and operators including what operators are online and how many visitors chats have transpired.
  • Load Balance and Request Polling - If you have multiple operators in a department, the system will load balance and automatically select the least active operator. If the operator does not pickup, the call will be automatically polled to the next least active operator.


Packages & Pricing:

WebSupportLive Software Suite is available in three specific packages to meet your business needs:


Packages Departments Operators Initiate Chat Consulting Service Setup Fee Monthly Fee
BizChat Basic 1 1 NO YES $100 $40
BizChat Pro 4 12 YES YES $100 $60
BizChat Corp 12 UNLIMITED YES YES $100 $80



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