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Pay Per Click Explained:

What are Pay-Per-Click search engines? Pay-per-click search enginesare also commonly known as ppc search engines, ppc advertising, or pay per click rankings, and are exactly what they sound like: you pay for each click someone makes. They offer instant top search engine rankings to those who can afford the services wanting instant recognition for their websites. But do pay per click services really worth it?

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines have grown in popularity in recent years as many businesses have begun to realize how important it is to get first page rankings on the major search engines. Some of the more popular ones today include, ad words service,, and


Most pay-per-click search engines are created around a keyword bidding system, where the top bidders get the top rankings for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. This means that each "click" by potential customers is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it. Your position in these PPC search engines, is therefore determined by how much you bid on a specific keyword phrase. Each time a visitor does a keyword search and clicks on your listing, it costs you.

The search term web design for example, currently costs $6.52 PER CLICK on for an advertiser, where the term michigan web designer costs $1.50 because there is less of a search for that phrase. The more popular the keyword phrase is that you bid on, the more expensive it is to maintain.

Pay-per-click search engines like, not only provide their own search engine results, but also results for search engines like and If you went to right now and typed in pay per click, you will the top 4 results read as SPONSORED RESULTS.


The good news is that anyone looking for a quick and easy way to obtain top rankings in a search engine, would get instant gratification through using a pay per click search engine. You are registered, making a deposit into your new PPC account, bidding on your keywords, and ranked at the top of the other websites in your ppc search engine of choice in less than 30 minutes on average. Most PPC search engines also have Ip tracking in place that ensures your competition won't look up your keyword....and continue clicking on it 5,000 times to make you file bankruptcy.


While pay per click search engines may offer instant top rankings, they can get very costly VERY quick and your position or rankings in these search engines is dependant upon you keeping money in your PPC account. We tested this theory last year using a competative word like website hosting with an initial deposit of $200. Within 1.5 hours we were notified by that our entire deposit had been used up by visitors clicking on our results link, and yet we did not get a single sale. Why not?

Well after reviewing our page we realized several things but the most important being our pricing was more expensive than the two competitors below us bidding on the same keyword. That's an expensive $200 lesson. Shortly after we made changes to our pricing, made another deposit of $50 and then rebid on the keyword website hosting to get back into the number 2 position this time. 15 minutes later we received another email from saying our $50 deposit was used already, and not a single sale again. Re-evaluation time once more on our page, but thid time is the charm right?

This time we fully optimized our page for maximum results, including the best price of our other two competitors. We made another $50 deposit ($300 total for those adding it up), and we were instantly moved back into the #2 position since no other bids had been made. We then noticed a bidding war began to take place, ala, between ourselves and our competition. Each time we bid higher and got into the #1-2 positions, our competition would come in and outbid us...knocking us down out of the major search engines once more. We eventually settled for the #3 position and 4 hours later we were a total of $300 short with only few sales to show for it.

As our last and final deposit of $50 dwindled down, we magically watched as our listing disappeared off as though it never existed. Since our page was never actually indexed by by means of a search engine optimization service or search engine submission service, our page was gone when our deposit ran out.


Our pay per click search engine experience showed us that it can be very costly, time consuming to manage, and sometimes downright frustrating.


Getting listed high up in the regular listings of the most popular search engines is always your first priority as a website owner trying to promote your products or services. Once you attain high rankings through traditional means, there are no incremental costs associated with each additional click unlike pay per click search engine advertising programs. By optimizing your website and submitting it to search engines properly, you can guarantee your website will remain there.


By combining our custom search engine optimization service, search engine submission plan, Google rankings service, express submission services, or our bundled guaranteed top 10 rankings package, your website could be properly listed in the major search engines and in the top 10 position for targeted keywords within just a few weeks.

With our Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings Package, you pay a one-time setup fee of $299 and just $99 per month and may cancel at anytime after your initial 4 month commitment. There are no additional pay-per-click fees ever!

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