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Website Anti-Spam Package : FAQ's

Please review our list of frequently asked questions below regarding our website anti-spam package:


Q: Is there any hidden fees?
A: There are no hidden fees with this package. Our price is a one-time setup fee, with nothing more to pay. We do offer additional options at an extra cost based upon your individual needs though. See our ORDER PAGE for full information.

Q. What versions are available?
A. Currently we have versions available for html, php 4.0+, coldfusion MX+, and oscommerce MS2+ websites.

Q: Do you need to install anything special onto my hosting account?
A: The majority of code is server side, and does not require any special components to be installed onto the hosting server, regardless of whether it is shared or dedicated.

Q: What does your fee include?
A: Please see our ORDER PAGE for full information of what is included in the package.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: Installation takes less than 24 hours from the time we begin.

Q: Does this stop ALL spam?
A: Unfortunately, no it will not. Spam comes from many different places, your website being just one of them. This package will eliminate 99% of all spam that comes from your website, but it will not prevent spam that comes from other places. However the included "How To Fight Spam" e-book, educates you on all the places spam comes from and gives you more than enough tips on how to fight other types of spam effectively.

Q: Will this effect my website in any negative way?
A: Absolutely not. Your existing website will remain the same, with the exception of some improved coding added into some pages, and a few files uploaded that are part of our system. You and your website visitors will not be able to tell any differences at all from browsing your website. We guarantee that these updates will not effect the look or functionality of your website in any negative way.

Q: Does this effect the privacy of any customer / user information submitted on my website?
A: Not at all. Information submitted from your feedback / inquiry forms is analyzed by our code, but submitted directly to you in the same fashion it currently does.

Q: Does this store any information about my customers?
A: Our system analyzes the same type of data as your hosting provider does, but does not store any of it after analyzing. Some samples include: data passed by your forms, ip addresses, and referring URLs.

Q: Is the coding open source?
A: At the moment the code is open source, allowing other programmers to easily add or edit it.

Q: Do you offer any customization services beyond this package?
A: Absolutely. For an additional fee, we can customize the system as much as you desire.

So what are you waiting for? Order today.