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Website Anti-Spam Package

How many spam emails do you receive a day? How many hours a week do you loose deleting or sorting through spam? What if there was a way to eliminate 99% of ALL spam you get from your website?

As a website owner, most likely you have recently been plagued by the drastic increase in ongoing spam. Typically a website owner will receive an average of 300+ pieces of email spam per day, and it is steadily increasing. Many website owners have also recently discovered that in addition to regular spam, spammers are sending spam to you direct from your own website inquiry forms.

Anti-Spam software has helped to cut down on this, but unfortunately spammer technology is getting increasingly more intelligent by the day and making anti-spam software less effective and commonly flagging emails from friends and family as spam as well. It is estimated that within one year or less, spam will increase by over 400%,

Did you know that about half of spam emails originate from information spammers gather from your own website?

Spammers send programs called "spambots" to go through all pages on your website. These "spambots" read your web pages to gather email addresses and other information which spammers use to send you spam by email or from your web site feedback forms.

So how can you effectively eliminate spam originating from your website?

Tsunami PC Productions is proud to announce our latest innovation, our Website Anti-Spam Package™! This complete package safe guards your website against spammers and will eliminate 99% of ALL spam you get from your website and is designed to:

  • stop 99% of website spam emails
  • stop spam bots
  • protect your website inquiry forms
  • prevent inquiry form hi-jacking
  • hide email addresses from spammers
  • educate you on how to proactively fight spam & report spammers

Normally priced at $229, for a limited time you can get this package for $149, which includes:

  • Website Inquiry Form Protection: We will update inquiry forms on your website and corresponding process pages, preventing spammers from sending you spam from your website inquiry forms, and preventing spammers from hi-jacking your inquiry forms to send others spam. Spammers will not even realize that you are protected, as our coding is completely invisible.
  • Email Address Concealer Protection: We will locate and conceal email addresses on your website from spambots, while allowing your normal customers to still see your email addresses.
  • "How To Fight Spam" E-Book: Our exclusive e-book contains valuable information on where spam comes from, and how you can further protect yourself from spam not only on your website, but also on your personal computer.

Click to order now and see a decrease in spam in as little as two weeks.


This package is currently available for customers with the following types of websites:

  • HTML websites
  • PHP websites
  • Coldfusion websites
  • osCommerce websites

This does not require any special components on your hosting account, and can be installed onto the majority of websites.

Not sure what type of website you have? Feel free to inquire today and we will evaluate your website.